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This would be my first time to get back on writing again. I stopped writing as I'm too lazy to do so (~_~;). So my not so first blog would be featuring a memorable food trip that we had last Friday \(>o<)/ギャーッ!at the Old Spaghetti House at Ali Mall Cubao.

They had did Trio Treats that made my mouth water..and they even had a trio set for a desert! (*^▽^*) So we ordered Trio 3 (Appetizer Sampler, Spaghetti Pesto with Grilled Chicken, 5-Cheese Pizza), Trio 8 (Golden Oreo Cookie ala Mode, Funnel Cake w/ Cream, Frozen Mud Pie), Bolognese and Ceasar Salad.

They served as the Appetizer Sampler and we nearly grabbed it just like wild animals ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

The lovely Ceasar Salad (^_^.)

Spaghetti Pesto with Grilled Chicken (this is actually good for 2) (’-’*) フフ

Super thin crust 5-Cheese Pizza( ̄へ ̄)

Bolognese...I think I heard the waiter say this was a Cherry Bolognese (*^。^*)

So perhaps your looking for our Trio Desert? Well, it turned out that the “waiter” did not note all of the orders down. Tsk..tsk... (;一_一) and yup that was the disappointing part. So I will be wrapping these all up with the rating that I would be giving Old Spaghetti House Team Ali Mall.I do hope that we would be enjoying our next dine to these restaurant o(^^o)(o^^)o

Place: \(^ ^)/ (Very Good, the place is cozy), Food: ( ^_^)/ (Good), Service/Staff: (* ̄m ̄) (Bad, the order wasn't complete and their staff kept on peeking on our table while we were eating..gosh can't they wait for us to finish the good food)

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