( ・ω・) Kiddie Art Work ( ・ω・)

It has been almost a week and I have not produced a proper watermark for my pictures (* ̄m ̄). I have been trying so hard but I can't seem to find the perfect font and style..and this makes me confused (>_<). My boyfriend suggested that I should try to draw my perfect watermark idea . I tried my best to drew and it was really funny because I'm not good at artwork and my handwriting is really terrible ( ̄ー ̄)But with strong will I grabbed a paper and ballpoint pen to sketch out my “dream watermark” (^v^). As I tried so hard to control every stroke of my pen..I realized that its really embarrassing as I can't even understood my own art (T▽T)
Since I've done a terrible job I decided to call a help from a friend \(~o~)/ \(~o~)/
It's been fun being creative although creativeness itself doesn't like me (’-’*)

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