(_ _|||) Annoying Problem (_ _|||)

There is something that has been bugging me for quite some time now. I know that its not a so healthy discussion but its really painful......・ヾ(。><)シ ・ヾ(。><)シ・ヾ(。><)シ
I have a freakin' pimple  。゜(>д<)゜。 ぅぇ〜ん

I usually get this when I'm going to have my period but this is an exception! According to my theory its because of the weather..so it would be the heat that causes this.
I do not use any “special medicine” for any acne problem..why? Because I fear that it would only make it worse weird eh? ヽ(´〜`;)

Even with this kind of problem (_ ̄■ ̄_) I just do my usual “beauty ritual” ( ̄  ̄)………( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ Before applying make-up or even when I'm removing my make-up I use a toner to cleanse off the dirt on my skin. I prefer to use an “organic” toner. A solution with less commercial chemical (?) on it. I have chosen to use Dickinson Original Witch Hazel toner as it does not sting on my face on every application. And I've also read previously that witch hazel helps lessen dark circle on the eyes..though I can't remember where I've read it ( ̄へ ̄|||)

I'd wait for about an hour before I wash my face with water and a cleansing foam. I have been using Etude House' Happy Teatime Green Tea. It's bubbly (^^,), love the scent and it has an after effect of softness on the skin.

And finally for my moisturizer, I prefer Nivea Creme. It's an “old product” that had survived all through out these years. I've been seeing people since I was a kid using this crème and I think its quite effective (;゚-゚)(。_。;)(;゚-゚)(。_。;)ウンウン

Well that should be it and I hope my “tiny” problem would go away fast..... (人・_・)♡ (人・_・)♡ (人・_・)♡

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