Mundane Sunday

Hi Chingus!
It's been a long time again....aish! 
I know I have been active on IG rather on this blog and I feel bad about it. 
But everybody needs to move forward ( ̄~ ̄;)
Ah (」゜ロ゜)」 I just remembered that I need to give you guys a feedback about my venture on new skin regimen using Mary Kay's product.
 This is my bare face. 
I took this picture after cleaning our pad. 
Yep, I know my skin is not flawless. You can still notice the redness, blemishes and large pores.
The appearance of my facial skin has not improved much. 
But with Mary Kay's eye cream I must say that it lessened the fine lines and made my under eye more elastic and the darkness has been lessened.
 I'm really tired at this picture my lips are even drying up ヽ(´~`;)
After I empty the tubes of my Mary Kay, I think I'll have to venture to back to Asian skin care.
Do you have any suggestion on what product can I try? (;¬_¬) 
Before I forgot, I also cleaned up our closet and looked for old clothes that can be donated to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Our company is also making an effort to help our fellow countrymen. 
I sincerely pray that this kind of tragic calamity will not happen not only our country but to other as well. 
Let's not forget to pray and thank the Lord for keeping us safe. 
God Bless you all. 

My New Skin Regimen

Hi Chingus! 

Yea~ I hiatus took a long time indeed. Too may events had happened and I don't want to rant it on my come back post. These "issues" that I don't want to talk about is one of the main reason why I want to step up when it comes to my facial regimen. How are they connected??? Well if you see my bare face, I'd look like a zombie to you (─‿‿─) and I blame it on all the stress that I have been experiencing..errr I just ranted! 
Anyways moving forward, I've been following different blogs that has various topic regarding skin care and of course they don't stick on a single "brand" of product. Honestly, I created the list of different products that I was willing to try but in the end I got lazy and just wanted to have a single skin care line so I won't be hopping from one store to another to complete my skin care set. Luckily, one of my work colleague is a beauty consultant of Mary Kay Philippines and he suggested for me to use Mary Kay's Time Wise Skin Care set to fight early to moderate signs of face aging. 
Mary Kay timewise Set
 This particular set is for normal to dry skin type. It's four products are formulated to work together morning and night to cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, smooth, hydrate, firm, soften, energize, rebuild and reduce fine lines and wrinkles - Mary Kay
Mary Kay timewise 3-in-1 cleanser
TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser gently clears away impurities as it begins the process to erase the visible signs of aging and restore the look of younger skin.
Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer
TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer firms, softens and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Proven to hydrate for up to 10 hours. 
Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution
TimeWise Day Solution has Sunscreen SPF35/PA++ which protects the skin from sun exposure.
Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution
TimeWise Night Solution helps reverse the signs of aging by enhancing the skin renewal's process while sleeping.
Oh! I almost forgot, I also bought an eye serum from Mary Kay. I was told that it is one of their flagship products.
Mary Kay TimeWise Regena-Firm correcting eye cream
TimeWise Regena-Firm correcting eye cream that will help the eye area to have a youthful and lifted look.
Ok~ so this is the picture of my bare face..well half of it. You can clearly see the large pores, blemishes and black heads ╥﹏╥

And the closer look at my can clearly notice the dark or somehow brownish skin color around the eye as well as some fine lines. I can all blame it to the genes but I need to help my skin out. I'll update you guys on the result of my Mary Kay skin care venture after a month (⌒.−)=★

Mai-Mai The Sleeping Cat

Hi Chingus!
Sorry for being MIA for a long work and personal life has been giving a hard time. I hope you miss me as much as I miss being with this web corner. For my comeback post I'd be introducing my new pet cat Mai-Mai. She's a stray cat that we found at our front door. This is not the first time that we had a pet cat here at our apartment. Not so long ago we had our pet cat named Mimi but he lived for about a month only. He became sick and then passed away.
We hesitated on adopting Mai-mai as we feared that she might end up leaving us behind too. But when I saw here I just fell in love with her and immediately took her in.  I only have few pictures of her because she's camera shy. I can only take snapshot when she's sleepy or actually sleeping. I think she's about 2 months old now. And she continues to grow everyday which makes my heart melt and bring joy to our stressful life. I hope I can go back to regular posting real soon (⌒.−)=★
sleeping cat
sleeping cat
sleeping cat
sleeping cat

Review: Beauty UK ~ In The Buff

Hi Chingus! 
I'm still such a busy bee but I am making sure that I won't be leaving this space empty for a long time. Just like regular bloggers I have tons of pending post that I can't seem to update all at once. As mentioned before, I think lipsticks are getting onto my head so much. My recent obsession are Beauty UK's lippies. Immediately after playing around with their Hollywood Glam set, I decided to use one of the cream to matte finish lipstick 'In the Buff'. Same as before this was purchased at MakeupHOLICS and if I'm not mistaken this was around 450 pesos.
Beauty UK In The Buff
Beauty UK In The Buff
Beauty UK In The Buff
I fell in love with its rosy pink shade. I was also surprised by its minty scent, it's like putting candy on my lips. It's cream property makes it easy to glide on the lips and since its kinda matte it makes the shade last long on the lips. 
Beauty UK In The Buff
Sorry for the messy swatch, I got over excited on using the lipstick  LOL!
Beauty UK In The Buff
And the actual swatch on my lips. Since I am super busy I've only managed to do this decent picture after work today. I'd like to purchase other shades but I still have a handful of lippies that I need to use.

What I like about it...  
♡ Sleek packaging 
♡ Affordable 
♡ Good pigmentation and color is very opaque
♡ Moisturized feeling upon application 
♡ The shade does not fade easily
♡ Minty smell 

What I don't like about it...       
Since it has the property of a cream lipstick, I need to set it for about 2-3 minutes before a start talking or moving my lips so much. The color of the lipstick tends to go to my teeth. 

Will I try it again...?       
Yes, just give some time to consume my other lippies.  

Beauty UK Hollywood Glam Swatch

Hi Chingus!
As you can see, I'm trying to diligently write on my blog again. This post has been a backlog as this is featuring the beauty uk lipstick that I bought from MakeupHOLICS stall at Cinderella Megamall last March. Dang! I just remembered spending more than 1000 pesos for lippies XD our first stop would be beauty uk's hollywood glam statement lip set which was worth 550 pesos. It was such a super saver because you'll be getting 3 pieces of lipstick with different shades.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
And here comes the actual tubes, their packaging reminds of NYX matte lipstick. I've search Beauty UK's website and other blogs but unfortunately the shades of this lipstick set is not individually named.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
This shade reminds of of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass song (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
 I find this nude shade very sexy ;D
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
And the final tube looks like a rose red to me..urgh! sorry if I'm bad when it comes to descriptions.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
The swatches looks very creamy
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam swatch
I was trying hard to make actual lip swatches but I can't seem to get it right. I just decided to make crazy selca pictures wearing beauty uk's lipstick. I did this after work so I should apologize if you can see too many skin imperfections.
 I look a messy Nicki Minaj on this picture..the transformation just took seconds haha! I think I'll be using this shade on a future cosplay event.
I'm was so excited to have this nude shade, I just have to figure out when is the perfect event to wear this.
Duck face!!!! LOL! I look funny despite the fact that this shade is the most wearable of all. I hope you like this post. How about you, what's your favorite beauty uk product?

My Tony Moly Haul

Hi Chingus!
At last! After more than a year my BB cream had finally come to its final drop. Though I wasn't really sure on which store I should buy my next BB cream, I just followed my instinct and went to Tony Moly's store at SM Megamall. I didn't have enough time to research which BB cream I should try but I just decided to take advise from a sale associate. Hopefully I would be able to post a full review on my new BB cream soooon!
In addition to my impulsive haul, I also decided to purchased the most talked about Pure Aura CC cream. And was also given 2 amazing giveaway which is Natura-Energy Mask Sheet and lip tint yay! Oh..I soo love shopping LOL! How about you, what's your latest cosmetic haul?

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Chingus!
I've been missing out several days without anything to post on my blog. I've seen Rin-chan's post tagging me on this blogger award, unfortunately I was not able to read through it because I was darn too busy again. Anyways, I would like to thank my good friend Rin of ~One-Winged Angel ~ for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award (⌒.−)=★
The Versatile Blogger Award
The rules for this award are:
Thank the person who gave you this award
Include a link to their blog
Select 15 blog/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile blogger award
Finally, tell the person who nominated you, 7 things about yourself

My nominees are: 
♡ Katrina of ! ⚫ misskatv | com ⚫ !
♡ Stella Lee of ☆ Stella Lee's Blog ☆
♡ Ana Alina of ANAlysisofmylife...
♡ Jan Mitchelle of The Chronicle of Beauty
♡ Lauren of Lovelaughlauren
♡ Sharina of THE MISTY MOM
♡ Dawn and Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters
♡ Celline Reyes of Product Arena
♡ Janna Joshelle of JANNIEOLOGY
♡ Kat of NAILS my dreams
♡ Jes Roque of MakeUpLove
Frozen Blossoms              

And the 7 things about my self are:
♡ My left eye is smaller than my right eye
♡ I have shaky hands that is why I am having a hard time putting eyeliner
♡ My handwriting sucks big can match it to a doctor's scribble on their prescription notes
♡ I love pillows, having 5 pillows on the bed is not enough for me
♡ My make-up collection are most lipsticks..I think I almost have 20 tubes of different shades
♡ I love watching korean TV and anime series
My day is incomplete without Internet    

Yay! I'm so happy to accomplish this post. Feel free to check the blogs that I follow. I'm sure that you'll love them too! 


Hi Chingus!
Yesterday was a fun day with Hubby. Aside from the usual household chores that we normally do together. We went out on a date late in the afternoon because we didn't want the sun to burn us. When we go out on a date we don't go to fancy restaurant...were just like any other normal couple.
Mang Inasal
Our first stop is at Mang Inasal located at Shopwise Araneta. We were dead hungry so might as well go for unlimited riiiicceee yeah! 
Mang Inasal
Mang Inasal
I'm not sure if its only me but I was getting too much attention when I was taking pictures o_O
After eating, we went to Gateway Mall, Araneta. Our first stop was at Timezone, Hubby was looking for a game to play until he found this Street Fighter game. A player left one credit and Hubby decided to continue the game but unfortunately he only won one game. 
Photo Exhibit
We also found a photo exhibit at the Gateway Cineplex. It's really amazing how photos say a thousand words. I envy some of the piece that I saw because I think their perfect and the skill of the photographer is really admirable. I hope that soon I'd be able to create something like this.
Photo Exhibit
Photo Exhibit
Photo Exhibit
And of course, one of the reason why we went on a date is because Hubby wanted to see Sarah G. and John Lloyd's movie "It Take a Man and a Woman" haha! Don't criticize him..he is a super fan and I admit, the movie was nice *giggle*
It Take a Man and a Woman
We took the last full show because the other cinema is jam-pack. We need to kill time...because our waiting time was two freakin' hours. And even if were inside the mall it seems that their air conditioning is too low because it was still hot. 
Brownie Temptation Blizzard
Hubby bought a 16 oz. of Brownie Temptation Blizzard at Dairy Queen to quench the heat. 
FOTD, selca
Yah! My precious selca moments with my favorite pose. As you noticed I'm still struggling on my eyeliner skills. I think I went overboard on this one haha! but Hubby said its not that noticeable.  Well that should be it for now..God Bless everyone!

Tim the Cat and etc!

Hi Chingus!
I've been offline for a long time again. I wasn't planning to go on vacation but I had to accompany my mother to the doctor...but don't worry she's ok now. I went to the province and boy it was scorching hot...I realized that it was really summer. I initially planned to do a photowalk using my digicam. I'd like to enhance my photography skills LOL! But since it was really hot I ended up staying at home and eat..sleep.
I just decided to play with Tim, my mother's pet cat. He's a stray cat that has been adopted a year ago. He's a very curious cat indeed and when he's curious he ends up tasting anything. I saw him licking rice grains, chopped garlic and hot pot and he even eats vegetable haha! I find him sooo adorable.
stray cat
stray cat
stray cat
stray cat
sleeping cat
I also found a gold fish at my room. He's the pet of my younger sister. Crazy fish..he keeps on swimming around so I can't find his perfect angle for the picture. 
And this is an old bear display at the living room. 
wooden bear
Of course I won't be leaving the province without eating my favorite Yema Cake. I really miss its sweetness and creaminess. Whether you believe it our not I try my best not to each too much because I might end up having a toothache.
yema cake
And lastly after several days of contemplating, I decided to change the url of my blog. I had to say goodbye to and replaced it with I feel more satisfied with my blog identity now. I may not be a famous blogger but in this space I feel free and happy to share my thoughts.
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