Beauty UK Hollywood Glam Swatch

Hi Chingus!
As you can see, I'm trying to diligently write on my blog again. This post has been a backlog as this is featuring the beauty uk lipstick that I bought from MakeupHOLICS stall at Cinderella Megamall last March. Dang! I just remembered spending more than 1000 pesos for lippies XD our first stop would be beauty uk's hollywood glam statement lip set which was worth 550 pesos. It was such a super saver because you'll be getting 3 pieces of lipstick with different shades.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
And here comes the actual tubes, their packaging reminds of NYX matte lipstick. I've search Beauty UK's website and other blogs but unfortunately the shades of this lipstick set is not individually named.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
This shade reminds of of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass song (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
 I find this nude shade very sexy ;D
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
And the final tube looks like a rose red to me..urgh! sorry if I'm bad when it comes to descriptions.
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam
The swatches looks very creamy
Beauty UK Hollywood Glam swatch
I was trying hard to make actual lip swatches but I can't seem to get it right. I just decided to make crazy selca pictures wearing beauty uk's lipstick. I did this after work so I should apologize if you can see too many skin imperfections.
 I look a messy Nicki Minaj on this picture..the transformation just took seconds haha! I think I'll be using this shade on a future cosplay event.
I'm was so excited to have this nude shade, I just have to figure out when is the perfect event to wear this.
Duck face!!!! LOL! I look funny despite the fact that this shade is the most wearable of all. I hope you like this post. How about you, what's your favorite beauty uk product?


Kat of NailsMyDreams said...

I love that Nicki Minaj shade! and I love that song! lol.

eKai said...

I kinda like that shade too but I can't wear it at my workplace..its too bright ;D

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