Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1:Lunch Time


Our first stop on our city tour at Palawan is at Badjao Seafront Restaurant. Manong driver said that this is one of the most visited restaurant at Palawan. He also added that the price of the food is reasonable and we'll enjoy the nature's view. Now I figured that Palaweneos liked Tiki decorations.
Before you reach the restaurant, you'll have to go to a man-made bridge surrounded by mangroves.
I've never been this close to nature...and it felt very relaxing. 

Good thing we didn't arrive at a peak hour. I love the ambiance and we were really getting hungry. We ordered their best seller which is the seafood platter and added 2 mango juice on our meal. While waiting for our food...it's picture taking time  

The restaurant had an amazing view. It took a long time for them to serve our lunch but its totally worth it.  Everything was freshly cooked..of course except for the juicy seaweed.
Our plate was devastated lol! We took our time in eating..I think we spent more than an hour enjoying our food.This is one of the most satisfying meals that we ever had 

......to be continued

Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Hotel Arrival


....continuation (sorry I'm way behind my post schedule again coz I had fever for 3 days)

We arrived at the hotel past 10 a.m. The hotel does not look flashy..it actually looked like a small condominium. The lady at the frontdesk was somehow friendly, I guess....she's just a bit busy
Marianne Home Inn
Our check in time was suppose to be at 2 p.m. It's a good thing that some customers/tourist had already checked out earlier so we were able to rest at our rooms prior to our check in time. There was no additional charge for early check in.
The stairs going up to our room...I missed taking picture of the frontdesk, lobby 
and dinning area
 Hmm...I'm curious of these Tiki decorations
Random painting at the wall. 
I got few snapshots of our room, can't show everything 
The hotel is in the middle of a residential area.
This is not the only bed in the room, it had a single bed on the other side. But our things
was all over it already!
Another view from the hotel window. 

Ok..remember we had been thinking if we should get Maple's travel tour package?? If we ought to get their package tour that would be 1200 pesos for the City Tour and 2600 pesos for the Honda Bay Tour. And that's a total of 3800 pesos. Half-hearted with our decision, we went outside the hotel to find a place to eat. Some trisikel drivers were trying to get our attention but sometimes were such a snob and we just ignored them. 
One of them? (I am terrible with names..) was really persuasive and he got my hubby's attention. He offered us a city tour package for only 500 pesos. We heard it right! A whole city tour at a cheaper price and riding a trisikel
photo credits by Google
 Yep! No originality at all...No picture of our own trisikel ride and manong driver. And this is the start of our exciting field trip at the city 

......to be continued

Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport



Yosh! after an hour of plane ride we finally arrived at Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport. It was sooo DAMN HOT! But we were one of those people who were excited to get off the plane. I was looking forward on how Palawan looks like

Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Thank God for the safe flight and good weather.
See~ the sun is INDEED welcoming us   
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
I had to bid goodbye for the meantime to our plane-plane 
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Just a random tarpaulin at the airport.
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Frontview of Puerto Princesa's domestic airport. Suddenly changed my signature. For some stupid reason I have permanently deleted my old signature  
 I immediately saw the travel agency's representative from Maple Travel & Tours. 
The staff from the travel agency was very welcoming..though I can't really remember his name. Hubby and I received a garland of seashell. Officially, it was our first remembrance at Palawan. We waited for another couple before heading off to the hotel.  
While on our way, he gave us a brief introduction of Palawan. He also gave us hints on where to go during our stay. The package included on our tour was only our roundtrip ticket from Manila to Palawan and vice versa, hotel accommodation with free breakfast and underground river tour on the second day. So he also gave us an option to avail the tour packages offered by their travel agency.
City Tour - 600 pesos per pax
Honday Bay Tour (island hopping) - 1300 pesos per pax
We had limited budget so we were really doubting if we should avail Maple's tour packages. Since we were tired and hungry, hubby and I decided to talk it over lunch. And guess what ??? we were able to find a way to save money on this trip......to be continued

Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Departure


I been having trouble on sorting out hundreds of pictures that I took during our vacation. Of course I can't just post everything so I'll just do this one step at a time.
We woke up at 3 a.m. of November 10 to make sure that we won't be late for our flight.  We took a cab via 24/7 Taxi Service, which has been pre-booked. They were very prompt because although we instructed them to pick us up by 4:30 a.m., the cab had been waiting for us outside our apartment building by 4 a.m
We arrived at NAIA Terminal 4 (Old domestic airport) before 5 a.m. All the check-in counters were still closed so we decided to sit at the waiting area. 

NAIA Terminal 4
And of course we did a lot of camwhoring
That's my early morning look, less makeup+sleepy = almost zombiefied!

NAIA Terminal 4
Now I know why it's called "Old Domestic Airport"..look at the ceiling.

NAIA Terminal 4
At least they had wi-fi though, I noticed a part where the ceiling is leaking and 
its not advisable to use the ladies washroom    

NAIA Terminal 4
We were able to check-in by past 6 a.m. I was so excited to hold onto our 
boarding pass because it was my first airplane ride

NAIA Terminal 4
Where are these terminal fees are going?..... 

NAIA Terminal 4
Our flight was supposed to be at 7:35 a.m via Zest Air but there was a delay due to 
late arrival of turn around aircraft. So we waited for...I think an hour for the "aircraft" to arrive. So the waiting area was filled up of people waiting for their delayed flights

NAIA Terminal 4
Yay! my heart was beating fast as I walk towards the plane. I had too many 
worries and one of them is being airsick.

NAIA Terminal 4
Unfortunately I was not able to get the window seat. And there I was getting cold feet and 
kept on uttering a prayer. YESSSS! I was getting paranoid  
I held hubby's hand while the plane is taking off and he just kept on holding my hand giving a smile assuring me that everything will be all right  

While the mister on my leftside is sleeping, I keep on extending my arms to take pictures of the clouds outside the window. I was like "Dadi....claaaaawds"   and I totally forgot that I was afraid.
Zest Air
Zest Air
Zest Air
Zest Air
Zest Air
 When I got tired taking pictures of the "claaaawdss" I just slept all through out the ride. 
I just figured that there's nothing to be afraid off zZZzzzZZZzzz
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