Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport



Yosh! after an hour of plane ride we finally arrived at Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport. It was sooo DAMN HOT! But we were one of those people who were excited to get off the plane. I was looking forward on how Palawan looks like

Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Thank God for the safe flight and good weather.
See~ the sun is INDEED welcoming us   
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
I had to bid goodbye for the meantime to our plane-plane 
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Just a random tarpaulin at the airport.
Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport
Frontview of Puerto Princesa's domestic airport. Suddenly changed my signature. For some stupid reason I have permanently deleted my old signature  
 I immediately saw the travel agency's representative from Maple Travel & Tours. 
The staff from the travel agency was very welcoming..though I can't really remember his name. Hubby and I received a garland of seashell. Officially, it was our first remembrance at Palawan. We waited for another couple before heading off to the hotel.  
While on our way, he gave us a brief introduction of Palawan. He also gave us hints on where to go during our stay. The package included on our tour was only our roundtrip ticket from Manila to Palawan and vice versa, hotel accommodation with free breakfast and underground river tour on the second day. So he also gave us an option to avail the tour packages offered by their travel agency.
City Tour - 600 pesos per pax
Honday Bay Tour (island hopping) - 1300 pesos per pax
We had limited budget so we were really doubting if we should avail Maple's tour packages. Since we were tired and hungry, hubby and I decided to talk it over lunch. And guess what ??? we were able to find a way to save money on this trip......to be continued


Shari said...

Followed you sis!Glad you enjoyed Palawan!! :)

The Misty Mom

Kat of NailsMyDreams said...

Ooohhh! I can't wait to know more.

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