Food Trip at Banchetto Part II


This is just a late post of our second Banchetto trip. This was unexpected because we were just lazy to cook and just remembered that there was a scheduled "food fiesta" at Cubao Araneta again  
We just bought whatever we can and brought it home for an amazing dinner .

Burgers, pizza, tacos and fruit shake

 This pizza is kinda disappointing had too much olives, tomato sauce and red wine on it.
It taste definitely weird  

 I believe this is Taco Mucho..or Macho? haha..anyways this is very delicious. 
This spicy tacos would be on our must buy list again
Sumptuous fruit shake  

 Devastated double patty burger  

Can you believe that I have a big appetite?
I love eating...its the most comforting hobby that I have haha!  
~Oh btw, I'd be going out of town this weekend...I'm so freakin' excited. Wish me luck on my first airplane ride  
God Bless everyone!


Kat of NailsMyDreams said...

*drools* Yummmm! I want to eat nachos right now! (Too bad it's 10pm already)

eKai said... just gave me an idea. nachos for midnight snack :3

Louise Sy said...

wow it looks really yummy,nice post anyway.

new here t your blog,mind if you follow back?tnx.^_^

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