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Yesterday was a fun day with Hubby. Aside from the usual household chores that we normally do together. We went out on a date late in the afternoon because we didn't want the sun to burn us. When we go out on a date we don't go to fancy restaurant...were just like any other normal couple.
Mang Inasal
Our first stop is at Mang Inasal located at Shopwise Araneta. We were dead hungry so might as well go for unlimited riiiicceee yeah! 
Mang Inasal
Mang Inasal
I'm not sure if its only me but I was getting too much attention when I was taking pictures o_O
After eating, we went to Gateway Mall, Araneta. Our first stop was at Timezone, Hubby was looking for a game to play until he found this Street Fighter game. A player left one credit and Hubby decided to continue the game but unfortunately he only won one game. 
Photo Exhibit
We also found a photo exhibit at the Gateway Cineplex. It's really amazing how photos say a thousand words. I envy some of the piece that I saw because I think their perfect and the skill of the photographer is really admirable. I hope that soon I'd be able to create something like this.
Photo Exhibit
Photo Exhibit
Photo Exhibit
And of course, one of the reason why we went on a date is because Hubby wanted to see Sarah G. and John Lloyd's movie "It Take a Man and a Woman" haha! Don't criticize him..he is a super fan and I admit, the movie was nice *giggle*
It Take a Man and a Woman
We took the last full show because the other cinema is jam-pack. We need to kill time...because our waiting time was two freakin' hours. And even if were inside the mall it seems that their air conditioning is too low because it was still hot. 
Brownie Temptation Blizzard
Hubby bought a 16 oz. of Brownie Temptation Blizzard at Dairy Queen to quench the heat. 
FOTD, selca
Yah! My precious selca moments with my favorite pose. As you noticed I'm still struggling on my eyeliner skills. I think I went overboard on this one haha! but Hubby said its not that noticeable.  Well that should be it for now..God Bless everyone!

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