Review: Beauty UK ~ In The Buff

Hi Chingus! 
I'm still such a busy bee but I am making sure that I won't be leaving this space empty for a long time. Just like regular bloggers I have tons of pending post that I can't seem to update all at once. As mentioned before, I think lipsticks are getting onto my head so much. My recent obsession are Beauty UK's lippies. Immediately after playing around with their Hollywood Glam set, I decided to use one of the cream to matte finish lipstick 'In the Buff'. Same as before this was purchased at MakeupHOLICS and if I'm not mistaken this was around 450 pesos.
Beauty UK In The Buff
Beauty UK In The Buff
Beauty UK In The Buff
I fell in love with its rosy pink shade. I was also surprised by its minty scent, it's like putting candy on my lips. It's cream property makes it easy to glide on the lips and since its kinda matte it makes the shade last long on the lips. 
Beauty UK In The Buff
Sorry for the messy swatch, I got over excited on using the lipstick  LOL!
Beauty UK In The Buff
And the actual swatch on my lips. Since I am super busy I've only managed to do this decent picture after work today. I'd like to purchase other shades but I still have a handful of lippies that I need to use.

What I like about it...  
♡ Sleek packaging 
♡ Affordable 
♡ Good pigmentation and color is very opaque
♡ Moisturized feeling upon application 
♡ The shade does not fade easily
♡ Minty smell 

What I don't like about it...       
Since it has the property of a cream lipstick, I need to set it for about 2-3 minutes before a start talking or moving my lips so much. The color of the lipstick tends to go to my teeth. 

Will I try it again...?       
Yes, just give some time to consume my other lippies.  


Kat of NailsMyDreams said...

Oooohhh. Di siya masyado red, I like it.

eKai said...

tomoooh XD

Dawn said...

Such a lovely shade! It looks great on you, sis! :)

eKai said...

Thank you ^____^

Tanya Soyer Blog said...

so wonderful lipstick!

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