Tim the Cat and etc!

Hi Chingus!
I've been offline for a long time again. I wasn't planning to go on vacation but I had to accompany my mother to the doctor...but don't worry she's ok now. I went to the province and boy it was scorching hot...I realized that it was really summer. I initially planned to do a photowalk using my digicam. I'd like to enhance my photography skills LOL! But since it was really hot I ended up staying at home and eat..sleep.
I just decided to play with Tim, my mother's pet cat. He's a stray cat that has been adopted a year ago. He's a very curious cat indeed and when he's curious he ends up tasting anything. I saw him licking rice grains, chopped garlic and hot pot and he even eats vegetable haha! I find him sooo adorable.
stray cat
stray cat
stray cat
stray cat
sleeping cat
I also found a gold fish at my room. He's the pet of my younger sister. Crazy fish..he keeps on swimming around so I can't find his perfect angle for the picture. 
And this is an old bear display at the living room. 
wooden bear
Of course I won't be leaving the province without eating my favorite Yema Cake. I really miss its sweetness and creaminess. Whether you believe it our not I try my best not to each too much because I might end up having a toothache.
yema cake
And lastly after several days of contemplating, I decided to change the url of my blog. I had to say goodbye to http://niichan21.blogspot.com and replaced it with http://space-randomness.blogspot.com. I feel more satisfied with my blog identity now. I may not be a famous blogger but in this space I feel free and happy to share my thoughts.

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