Review: E.L.F Eyelid Primer

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I've been caught up with many things at work but at least I can breakthrough all of that when I'm this space :D Although work is fully loaded, my interest on cosmetics and make-up application is still all time high.Though its not really required to look super good in my profession, I still believe that if I look pleasant it adds up on looking more professional.
They say that one way to attract attention is to have beautiful eyes. Having an eye make-up definitely brightens up the face. To keep my eyeshadow intact, I rely on eye primer. I may have a dry skin on my face but my eyelids are extremely oily.
elf eyelid primer
I've been using this e.l.f. eyelid primer for quite sometime now. Other bloggers often compares this to expensive eye primer. Here in the Philippines there is only one shade available for e.l.f. eyelid primer which is Sheer.
elf eyelid primer
If you also noticed, their package is simple and instruction on how to use the product is pretty much straightforward.
elf eyelid primer
elf eyelid primer
elf eyelid primer
elf eyelid primer
Using this doe foot wand, I find it easy to blend the primer all over my eyelids.
elf eyelid primer
elf eyelid primer
The actual primer is shimmery so you would need to blend it out evenly on your eyelid.
Please excuse the bushy eyebrows hehe! This picture was taken at my workplace so the lighting was quite good. I was using Avon's True Color Eyeshadow (Earth Tone) on this picture.
Here's another shot where I used frosted brown colored eyeshadow.
Please no harsh comments on the eyebrows hehe!....And this was taken when I got home from work. You can noticed that the color of the eyeshadow had faded already and it is starting to crease. And to sum it all up.....

What I like about it...
  • Easy to blend and dries up quickly 
  • Travel size packaging 
  • Brighten up eyeshadow 
  • Can somehow withstand my oily eyelids 

What I don't like about it...  
  • Limited availability on your local department store
  • Staying power is above average 
  • Makes my eye make-up crease by the end of the day 

Will I try it again...?    
Yes. You can never judge a product by its price. You can't expect much on affordable cosmetics but e.l.f.'s eyelid primer was able to deliver good results. I have already considered this as a good find product. 


Dawn said...

Ooooh. I haven't tried this before and I was curious if it's worth a try. I love using eyeshadows and I've been looking for good primers out there since I have stubborn, oily lids that make my eyeshadows crease a lot. But since this could still get your eye makeup to crease, I might skip this one. :( Thanks for the review! :)

eKai said...

Glad I could help :)

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