Sundate + FOTD

Hi Chingus! 
Me and hubby had our regular date last weekend. We usually enjoy simple walks and window shopping. But since we just had our payday before the week ended, we decided to enjoy and relax ourselves. I made an effort to look special on that day haha! I didn't want to look stress during our date. 
I'm not good at smiling so I think I look sleepy on this picture haha! I'm still practicing on wing eyeliner application to make my eyes look livelier. 
 Of course hubby has his own vain shot with the crazy background. 
Our first stop was at Chatime at Ali Mall. We were tired at walking so we decided to to take a sip and sit down for awhile. 
We actually shared on this drink because Hubby said he won't be able to finish I drink on his own. He loves milk tea so he ordered Lychee Milk Tea with coconut jelly. After finishing this drink we looked for a place to eat our lunch. 
Hap Chan
We found Hap Chan at Ali Mall as well and this would be the first time that we would be eating at this place. We ordered Lechong Paksiw with Cu Pao, Squid with Salt and Pepper and 3 cups of rice.
Lechong Paksiw
Cu Pao
Squid with Salt and Pepper
In addition, I love the tea that they serve while waiting for the food that we ordered. It was very soothing. After our sumptuous lunch, we decided to watch a movie at Gateway Mall
I was planning to have an OOTD here but hubby wanted me to be with Iron Man..that crazy guy XD. We watched Jack The Giant Slayer because I wanted to see "R" so much. The movie is quite good and to be honest I like how they put maturity on fairytale.  Am I weird 「(°ヘ°)? Anyways it was a tiring day but I have enjoyed it so much. 
Have a lovely week ahead of you guys!

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