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I have been busy these past days and so far I'm still stuck with stress and pressure at work. Nonetheless, I'd promise to keep up on updating my blog. If you noticed, I have a new blog template made by Kenny Manalad of Sytle Diaries. I can't thank him enough for helping me improve the look of my blog O(≧∇≦)O
BTW, I'm also back on watching koreanovela. I've been always amazed on South Korean culture, language and people. It has been my dream to learn their language and even visit their country one day. It took me sometime to decide on what series should I watch and finally, I found Rooftop Prince.
Rooftop Prince
photo credits: wikipedia.org
The genre for this series is comedy, romance, fantasy and historical. I'm a sucker of this kind of series like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I went gaga over that series to the point that I have changed my mobile phone's message alert tone to its OST.
Park Yoochun
photo credits:Google
I was also surprised that Park Yoochun was its leading man. never imagined that he'd be an actor because I am just use on seeing him sing and dance LOL! Anyways I'm almost halfway on the episodes of this series and hopefully it would have a good and satisfying ending. Well then, see you all on my next post. God Bless everyone!

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