Mundane Sunday

Hi Chingus!
It's been a long time again....aish! 
I know I have been active on IG rather on this blog and I feel bad about it. 
But everybody needs to move forward ( ̄~ ̄;)
Ah (」゜ロ゜)」 I just remembered that I need to give you guys a feedback about my venture on new skin regimen using Mary Kay's product.
 This is my bare face. 
I took this picture after cleaning our pad. 
Yep, I know my skin is not flawless. You can still notice the redness, blemishes and large pores.
The appearance of my facial skin has not improved much. 
But with Mary Kay's eye cream I must say that it lessened the fine lines and made my under eye more elastic and the darkness has been lessened.
 I'm really tired at this picture my lips are even drying up ヽ(´~`;)
After I empty the tubes of my Mary Kay, I think I'll have to venture to back to Asian skin care.
Do you have any suggestion on what product can I try? (;¬_¬) 
Before I forgot, I also cleaned up our closet and looked for old clothes that can be donated to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Our company is also making an effort to help our fellow countrymen. 
I sincerely pray that this kind of tragic calamity will not happen not only our country but to other as well. 
Let's not forget to pray and thank the Lord for keeping us safe. 
God Bless you all. 

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