Come back post and July Collectives

Hi Chingus! 
It's been a long time seen I tried to write on this blog. 
I know...I kept on promising that I will write regularly but my normal life had become so demanding and busy. In any case, I'll just make sure to write whenever I find time. 
To start off...this month is my birthday month! Woohoo!! Sorry if you are expecting a giveaway but I think I'll do that soon (⌒.−)=★ For the mean time, I'll be sharing my haul for the month of July. 

 This cotton puff is actually buy 1 take 1 from Daiso Japan for only 88 pesos. I use this regularly for removing my make up. I find it easier to remove make up using cotton puff instead of cotton ball. Well I don't know anybody who uses cotton ball for make up removal (-‸ლ) 
Another purchase that I made from Daiso Japan is this brown eyebrow pencil. I was actually looking for a refill for my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil but it is always out of stock. 
I usually use this to line my eyebrows before I fill it in with brow powder. I must say its a good find and most probably I'll be repurchasing this.
Majolica Mojorca put up a promo on their famous Lash King mascara for only 499 pesos. Though I have been using another mascara for quite sometime now I decided to but it only to find out that they will be releasing an "improved" version of Lash King ლ(ٱ٥ٱლ)
 I remembered from my old posts that I love Carmex the most as my lip balm but I had a change of heart. I think this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm is around 99 pesos and it does a pretty decent job on moisturizing my lips. 
The only reason that I purchased this Maybelline Color Ink in Be-1 is because I am curious on how to use cream eyeshadow. This is worth 350-370 pesos I believe and I've read on some blogs that this can be used as an eyeshadow base. 
It's like a mettalic beige color.
Sorry if the swatch is not that clear. 
And lastly, my favorite Bifesta Makeup Remover. This bad ass makeup remover is worth 419 pesos. I also remembered my self raving Etude House makeup remover before but when I found this water based cleansing lotion, suddenly using oil based makeup remover was just such a pain.

Well, there you go! See you again on my next post..Byeeee~ (*^▽^)/


Antonella_7694 said...

Such a nice haul!

neechan21 said...

Thank you, sorry for the late reply ^____^

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