Lovely Pink Brushes by Suesh


It has been almost 2 months now when I stopped being active on my online life. This started when we moved to another apartment unit, my laptop breaking down, faulty modem which took 19 days to be replaced and also almost zero percent finances .

~Urmmm enough with the negativity ...I'm still trying to back track all the long overdue post that I have...I miss writing, I missed you all. I also hope you enjoy the new look of my blog By the way, do you remember my birthday haul? Except the contact lens and drinking glass I have not used the other items yet coz I want to feature them separately on my blog .

Going back on my birthday last July....the most expensive gift that I had for myself was the 12 pieces make-up brush by Suesh. I still have a lot to learn on make-up application but I was craving for these babies for a long time and my birthday was the best excuse to buy them.

I'd be attending the Cosplay Mania Event by the end of the month and this is the best time to use my lovely pink brushes. I don't usually like the color pink but these brushes was such an eye candy. I purchased this set at Suesh Trinoma and it costs 2,300 pesos

Suesh Make-up Brush
Urgh! so excited to open it.

Suesh Make-up Brush
This pink clutch bag is sooo eye catchy

12 pcs. Suesh Make-up Brush
 It smelled like wood when I opened the bag

12 pcs. Suesh Make-up Brush

12 pcs. Suesh Make-up Brush

To be honest I was hesitating on removing the plastic covering of each brush because I don't want it to get damage but then I again I want to make good use of it . The brush handle is made out of birch wood which explained how it smelled when I first opened it. The brushes made out of all natural hair of goat, squirrel, pony and raccoon. I know its not vegan.. I'm guilty of it

And presenting Suesh Personal Funky Make-up Brush Set
Blush Brush Suesh
 Powder blush, angled blush brush and foundation brush

Eyeshadow Brush Suesh
 Large eyeshadow brush, Small eyeshadow brush, bullet brush

Suesh Make-up Brush
 Lip liner brush, Eye definer brush, Thick eyeliner brush, Thin eyeliner brush, Mascara comb and Brow comb 

This is to be considered as one of my Deadly Sin of Beauty Products ..Greed. I would never regret buying this brush set at all. I'm not after being a professional make-up artist but this is just a big move of a noob make-up hobbyist. Well then....see you all next time on my next post~

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