My First Cosplay Rehearsal


This past days hasn't been soooo perfect but I didn't want to spoil everything so I'd be sharing to you the girl bonding that I had with my BFF's last weekend. We have been planning to attend a cosplay event by the end of the month and hopefully everything will turn out right

Make-up Junkie
Can you name all the make-up brands on the picture?

I finally got the chance to use my Suesh brush for the first time. BTW, the  100 palette eyeshadow and eyeliner was sponsored by my BFF Rin-chan. And while making this post I just realized that the foundation (Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation~Sand Biege) and eyeliner (K-Palatte~Jet Black) that I used are nowhere to be found on any of the pictures that I took  

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick, Etude House Lip Concealer
I used Color Me Nude Lip Concealer (Etude House) & Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick (Pink Flame) on my lips.

 E.L.F. 100 eyeshadow palette
For my eyes I used earth color shades on E.L.F.'s 100 eyeshadow palette.

Make-up Junkie
And there you have Avon's True Color Blush (Peach), Fanny Serano Two-Way Cake (Duchess), Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake (#3), Avon's Super Magnify Mascara (Black) and that small white tube is an eyelash glue from Etude House

I haven't been able to edit this picture properly Look at that shadow on my face and a suppperrrr messsy background hehe~    

Yukki Cross Cosplay
I'd be cosplaying Yukki Cross of Vampire Knight

Yukki Cross Cosplay
Wearing a costume is really tiring..I have been sweating all over hehe!

Yukki Cross and Ruka Cosplay
This is one of those random pics that we had and look there is an anbu mask at the this a cross-over or what?   

I even tried wearing Rin-chan's wig   

That day was full of laughter and enjoyment. This is my first time in cosplaying and I can't even believe that I would be doing it someday. It's really never too late to try new things in our life ^^

~ See you next time on my next post


Banny said...

Oh that's a nice make up palette! It's cheap too, I love e.l.f cosmetics :D
You did a great make up look and love the cosplay :3

eKai said...

I'm also beginning to love e.l.f cosmetics though 100 palette of eyeshadow gets me confused on what to use first XD
Thank you so much for dropping by on my blog ^^

cominica said...

aww cool~~ I miss cosplay >.<

eKai said...

my disqus was playing up XD...anyways try to do cosplay again im sure you'll look more kawaii than me :)

eKai said...

my disqus was playing up XD...anyways try to do cosplay again im sure you'll look more kawaii than me :)

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