Another Shopping Day at Robinsons Galleria


I've been featuring stuff that I usually buy so I decided to name every entry with that concept with Another Shopping Day (ASD)!

~so much for my blog achievement hehehe .... ('∇')

I've been craving to buy new cosmetics but I wanted to try something new. I remembered that I saw a Korean cosmetics at Robinsons Galleria's department store and also I wanted to add something on my reading materials. 

So I've decided to buy the following......... 
OK! Magazine
Ok! Magazine May 2012 issue @ 150 pesos

cheekroom lipstick, cheekroom blush
CheekRoom Lipstick @ 299 pesos and Pressed Blusher @ 259 pesos

~Oh btw watch out for my product review on CheekRoom cosmetics...I'm relatively new on doing product reviews but I hope you'll like it ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

:*:゚・☆ヾ(・_・。) See you later folks!

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