PR: CheekRoom Lipstick

~Ola (≧∇≦)/

I'm back.... with my review on CheekRoom's lipstick @ 299 pesos. 

CheekRoom Lipstick
Lookie at the vintage packaging (o^<^)o
CheekRoom Lipstick
Product contents (T_T)
CheekRoom Lipstick
This is how the actual tube looks like....

I bought 02 and 05 shades coz I'd like to try a nude and bright colored lipstick.
CheekRoom Lipstick, 02
CheekRoom Lipstick, 05
I lost the original pictures when the lipstick was still unused~sorry for the smudges (//∇//)
CheekRoom Lipstick, 02
02 shade
CheekRoom Lipstick, 05
05 shade
 And its swatches......

cheekroom swatch
As you can notice 02 shade is very pale
cheekroom lipstick swatch
05 is actually cherry colored
cheekroom lipstick swatch
Comparison of the two shades...pardon the insect bite XD
I have been using this lipstick for about a week now. This baby is under satin or sheer lipstick. The color appear darker inside the tube than the actual application on the lips. It wears off easily so I need to re-apply it often,though it leaves a hint of its color on the lips.

What I like about it...
  • Classy packaging
  • Non-greasy
  • My lips feels moisturized
  • Color suites my lips
What I don't like about it... 
  • As usual its product content/description is in Korean
  • Only one store that I know of that offers it
  • Wears off easily
  • Often re-application is needed
 Product Rating:❤ ❤
*:゚・☆ヾ(・_・。) See you later folks! 



Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Ooh, I like the colors you chose, but that's such a shame that it wears off too quickly! D:

bunso21 said...

damn right XD

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