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~Ola (=^0^=)/

I missed you all! I feel a little sorry since I was not able to keep up with my promise to myself to post an article every other day (⌒ ⌒)(_ _)ぺこ  I've been having hell week every now and then and today is the only day that I was able to find time to write again.

Anyways...I just want to quickly share an a dinner date that we had last week together with my good friend Rinoa and her boyfriend Paul and also my Dadi after buying some clothes at St. Francis Square (which I'd be featuring on my later blog).

After shopping we decided to eat at Yoshinoya (SM Megamall) and I ordered Bento A with green ice tea and green tea ice cream (o^〜^o) . I loved the way they have arranged the food at the bento box it added the “yumminess” on it.

Just look at the rice....yay! It was just sooo cute that it was the first thing I ate.

The green ice tea was so refreshing ( ^-^)_旦""

And so was the green tea ice cream (* ~_~)/□☆□\(~_~* )

The only thing that I didn't liked about our bento food was the Tempura had way tooooo much breading to make it look big 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。And after peeling off the breading it just revealed a puny shrimp ヽ('ー`)ノ

So I guess eating at Yoshinoya was “fairly good” (≧ω≦;)

P.S. Sorry for the inconsistencies of my watermark. Believe it or not I'm still trying to work out my Photoshop skills.

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