Banchetto Food Trip at Araneta Cubao


Let me share to you a dining experience that we had last Saturday (October 20). We went to Banchetto which was located at the open parking area between Telus and Farmers Garden General McArthur Avenue, Cuabo Quezon City. We decided to do a little "food trip" as my hubby and I were starving  . I'm still stuck at a 6 days working schedule and eating is the best way to relax and enjoy my weekend . This will be officially my first Banchetto experience 

Banchetto is actually an Italian work for "feast". This is the first overnight food fiesta that started at F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue (formerly known as Emerald Avenue) of Ortigas Center every 12 midnight until 11am of Saturday. This happened once a week were a portion of the road is closed and tents are setup for initially 14 vendors selling various selection of delicious food. They became a hype and now there are other Banchetto locations where people can experience great food

I was not able to take pictures of the actual place where Banchetto was held. We decided to bring home the food that we bought so we can eat comfortably

Chicken Kebab from Asian Grill..I hope I got the name right  
This cost 95 pesos including the rice, you'll get a 5 pesos off if you opt to get the BBQ only.

I don't know where my hubby bought this Crab with Sweet 'n Chili sauce, this was around 100 pesos I guess...

Ziggy's Brock Monster Burger only for 150 pesos  
I can't get enough of this double patty burger. I didn't really know at first on how 
I would start eating it  

 We are getting ready for another Banchetto experience as soon as they get back here at Cubao. You may also check their Facebook page Banchetto for venue updates.  

How about you..when did you last went to a food bazaar? 
~See you on my next post 


Gellie Zelle Battung said...

This post made me hungry. Btw, i nominated you on the Liebster Awards. here's the link :)

eKai said...

i'm so excited to do food trip again...btw thanks for nominating me :)

Miguel Gregorio said...

Hi there! This is Miguel =) Owner of Ziggy's...Do you mind if i post your pic sa Fan Page namin? hehehe...Thank you by the way for appreciating =)

eKai said...

Hi Miguel, you can post my pic sa page nyo. BTW, what's the link so I could check it out :)

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