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How's your week goin'? I was not able to rest well as I've worked 6 days last week and only had 1 day to rest But I did not let the weekend pass without making up with hubby. I make sure that I'd be able to do something to make him smile

Anyways..let's get back to business hehe! Way back my payday I bought 2 sheets of  I Need You, Green Tea! Mask Sheet from Etude House. I've never used a mask sheet before so this is my first time as well. I chose the Green Tea mask because it claims to have an extract that soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin...sounds perfect for workaholic boys and gals  
 Green Tea Mask Sheet
Quantity: 1 sheet 
Volume: 23mL (0.77 fl. oz.) 
Price: 58 pesos each sheet 
Made in Korea   

Green Tea Mask Sheet Etude House
 I hope the picture is clear enough so you could see the directions for use and ingredients  

Green Tea Mask Sheet Etude House
 The mask sheet is big enough to fit on our face...see you can even see Rin-chan outside  

Were like this for 30 minutes...sweetnesss overload!   

What I like about it .. 
  • The mask is big enough to fit your whole face
  • It's inexpensive
  • Hint of green tea smell 
  • My face feels light and refreshed while the mask is on

What I don't like about it ..
  • The mask is dripping wet when taken out of the package 
  • Some solution on the mask keeps on dripping from the edges while the mask is on my face
  • My face felt kinda sticky after removing the mask
  • After the leftover solution dried up on my face felt kinda dried to
Will I try it again?  
Yes and I'll even try different brands. I didn't really know what to expect on facial mask and the label said you would need to use mask like 2-3 times a week to see its effect. So I'll venture to a different type of facial mask next time. ~Urgh..I just remembered I still have some mask given to me on my birthday

What facial mask can you recommend for me to use? 
~Well then..see you all on my next post


Samantha Justine Zamora said...

green tea is perfect fdr those who have oily skin. But if you have a normal or dry skin, try using Aloe Vera Mask instead! :P

(following you now via GFC, I hope you follow back as well :p)

eKai said...

so it means i choose the wrong mask..I have a dry skin :)
I'll try aloe vera next time..thanks for the advise

Gellie Zelle Battung said...

I've tried this one before. I got it for free. I prefer cream masks rather than this. NEw follower here. Mind to follow back?

eKai said...

what cream mask do you recommend?
Just followed you please follow me back at

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