Payday Haul


Payday has never been soooo sweeeeet I just want to share to you some of the stuff that I bought. There's really nothing really glamorous on these things, just a bunch of random purchase. 

Maybelline Babylips, Milcu, Glam Works
Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm - It has exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20 and pretty much moisturizes the lips in an instant. This variation that I bought is the Relieving Menthol, it smells like peppermint. If you remember on my other post I didn't like a mentholated lip balm but I'm glad that Maybelline's lip balm's menthol is not overrated. 

Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder - Powder formula of Potassium alum deodorant that helps prevent unpleasant odor both on the underarm and foot. I've already tried a deodorant that keeps bad odor away and whitens the underarm..but its quite expensive. I have to do some cross-cutting on my budget so I have to fall back on Milcu. It's very effective and its does not darkens that underarm nor causes discoloration and on top of that its inexpensive. 

Glam Works Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes - Removes traces of dirt, oil and make-up. This is very ideal when your traveling and you just want quick cleaning on your face to remove make-up. And this is just the perfect thing that I need when I'm feeling suppper lazy on cleaning my face by the end of the day.

Clean Dew Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser by Tony Moly
Tony Moly's Clean Dew Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser - I'm due to buy a new facial cleanser by next month. My friend Rin-chan wanted to have the free BB cleanser but she needs to have a minimum purchase of 1,500 pesos. She has nothing left to buy so she asked me to help her out, so as a necessity I purchased this earlier than my due date

Lip and Eye Remover Etude House
Etude House Lip & Eye Remover - 'Nuff said with the scary name of this make-up remover , this is my third bottle. I have been loyal on using this product since I first tried it, one of the best product Etude House has made. 

Facial Mask by Etude House
Etude House Green Tea and Aloe Moistfull Facial Mask - Tooo much stress has been killing me and my hubby so I would like to have a bonding moment with him. He has been curious on facial mask and keeps on asking me if he can try it, so we'll have a mini facial event on the weekend

J. Co Donuts & Coffee
J. Co Donuts - I have been hearing a lot about this donuts that is why I decided to try it. I love the variation of flavor and the softness of the dough. I didn't mind standing in the line for more than 20 minutes just to buy this box of mouth watering donuts

~So I guess that's it! Happy weekend...see you on my next post

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