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I'd like to share to you the new products that has been included on my must have list. I purchased a couple of Human Nature products late last year and I've been using it for my daily hygiene. Human Nature's product ingredients are 95% -100%  biodegradable. Since their products are made up of natural ingredients it would be least expected that you would have allergies. Their company is recognized by PETA for not testing their products with animals. For more product line info you may visit their website at Let's get in on!
100% Natural Premium Deodorant - Powder Fresh
Size: 50mL
Price: 89.75 pesos
Description: Lighten and smoothen underarms. It does not contain parabens and alum salts.  
Feedback: Unlike other commercial deodorants it does not darken my underarm skin. 
And it does not stain on my underarm shirts.  

 Natural Feminine Wash - Chamomile Cool
Size: 50mL
Price: 54.75 pesos
Description:pH balanced, clinically tested feminine wash. It has soothing aloe vera and chamomile, cleansing agents from coconut, as well as natural preservatives from rice and anise.
Feedback: After washing, the chamomile feeling just make me feel cleaner than ever 

  Nourishing Facial Wash
Size: 50mL
Price: 79.75 pesos
Description:Facial wash for normal to sensitive skin. 
It has tomato extract that act as an anti-oxidant that helps the skin feels smooth, soft and healthy
Feedback: This facial wash is very delicate on the skin. It does not sting and you can even 
wash your face with your eyes open. 

I'm almost done with the deodorant and feminine wash and I'll be repurchasing both of it. Also, I'm on the second bottle of the facial wash. Besides The Beauty Bar and dealers selling Human Nature products, I have been seeing their products at grocery stores. It is much more available to the public and people would be able to discover the wonder of Human Nature products.

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