New Haircut at Bench Fix Salon

~Ola chingus

It's my laundry day today but as you can see I'm trying my best to multi-task hehe! As usual I had a scheduled work yesterday even though its weekend. And so after my shift I decided to go to Bench Fix Salon at Robinson Galleria to finally have a haircut. My hubby wanted me to have a long hair and I have been just too lazy to have my hair trimmed at least. It's been a year since I had my haircut.

I learned to love my long hair and  before going to the salon I kinda felt bad that I've decided to cut it. The photo below is one of the decent hairstyle that I know.
This was taken before my shift ended last Saturday. As you can see, my hair is getting close to being  Sadako Yamamura. Anyways, I did not have an appointment at Bench Fix Salon but its a good thing that they have a spot to walk-in customers. I just needed to wait for 10 minutes before a stylist attended to my haircut. My stylist name was I think Sam or Sammy...I'm really bad when it comes to remembering names. I just told him that I want to cut my hair short but it shouldn't be above my shoulder and strictly no hair bangs
I sooo love my new hair. I am very thankful to Mr. Sam and his assistant for giving me an admirable hair service. Now that I have my new hairstyle I'm looking forward on my plan on having a new hair color too. 
On a different note, I'm also looking forward to find someone who offers blog customization. I can only do as much as editing picture,changing photo signature and resizing images. I'd like to have a personalized blog template that would match my personality. Well then, have a blessed weekend everybody!


Dawn said...

Haven't tried having my haircut at bench fix because I thought it would be hard to schedule an appointment. Haha! Anyway, glad to know you got an excellent service and I love your haircut! :D

eKai said...

I just got lucky because its not queuing when I got there hehe!
Thank you so much for liking my new hairdo (-^〇^-)

Adlyanna Velasco said...

I always have my hair cut at bench fix but in their trinoma branch. Come to think of it, galleria's much closer t ome. heehee. The hair cut gives you a fresh vibe.

Wish & Wear

eKai said...

LoL new hair beginning :)

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