Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Plaza Cuartel


So proud that our Palawan day 1 adventure posting is almost over. Anyways after our visit at the crocodile farm, we decided to head back to our hotel. Since were going back to the center of the city we decided to pick up hubby's iPad that we left..thinking that we would not really need it tsk tsk tsk. Our next stop was at Plaza Cuartel which is just near the hotel.
We were already tired so we were not good at taking snapshots at this time. Plaza Cuartel is a former Japanese garrison during World War II. Hundred fifty Americans were burned alive by the Japanese soldiers. There were survivors though that was able to swim out to the sea going to Iwahig.
This monument is a tribute for the American soldiers that sacrificed their life during the war. This was also commissioned to be built by a World War II veteran. We were not able to take too many pictures because there many many couples dating and we might invade their privacy. If we had come earlier maybe we'd be having a lot of camwhoring

....to be continued

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