Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 3: Honda Bay


Were off to the last day of my vacation tour, this was the last day so it needs to be special. We ended up almost broke after this trip lol. Purok Honda Bay is about 20-30 minutes ride from the city. Same as our day one here at Palawan we didn't avail the package tour from the agency..we did our cowboy style adventure again. I think there are 5-6 island to choose from when you go island hopping and it was our call which island to visit.
These are the breakdown of expenses before leaving the seaport: 
    500 pesos ~ trisikel ride (back and forth) 
600 pesos ~ rental fee for 2 pairs of snorkeling goggles and aqua shoes
1300 pesos ~ rental fee for the boat ride with the capacity of 6-8 passengers
50 pesos per pax ~ environmental fee Luli Island
50 pesos per pax ~ environmental fee Pambato Reef 
100 pesos per pax ~  environmental fee Pandan Island 
We spent around 2,300 pesos in total . We had an exclusive boat ride and we were 4 passenger in total including our boatman and his assistant which is going to be our tour guide . The waves were still calm when we departed from the seaport. 
....to be continued

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