Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 3: Luli Island


The island that we first visited is Luli Island. This is were we'll have a crash course on snorkeling. We also brought some biscuits for snack but it became fish food on the later part. I didn't realize that we do no have a water protector for our camera. So we were not able to capture our underwater adventure. BTW, you also need to pay an entrance fee of 50 pesos per pax for the island visit. 
This is one of the floating house at Luli Island. We were not able to finish our crash course on snorkeling here because I totally freaked out when I saw how deep the water is. Our tour guide/assistant boatman was very understanding about my phobia. We just stayed at a nearby area with a school of fish that I was able to feed. I said sorry to hubby because I felt that I was such a kill joy. Hubby also advised me that I should just focus on thinking how beautiful the place is, instead of entertaining the paranoia that I would drown. Urgh! Slap! maybe I just needed time to cope up  

....to be continued

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