Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 2: Underground River Tour


Yay! I am thanking this holiday season as I have a lot of time to post on my blog. Moving on, I''ll be sharing to you our trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River. Let's start! Our call time was 7 a.m. so we woke up early to make sure that our fellow tourist wouldn't wait long. Our transport was an air conditioned van so that we can travel in comfort. I thought we would be able to travel early but the van headed to other hotels to pick up other people. In total, there were 11 passengers in the van including the driver and the tourist guide. 
We would be traveling from the city going to Baranggay Sabang which is located at the South China seaside of Palawan. It was a long travel that took more than an hour. Most of the roads were already cemented but it was very zig-zaggy. One of passenger got carsick but luckily I'd didn't get to experience that as I am asleep most of the time
This is the only picture that I took when I was awake XD
When we were like 15 minutes away from the seaport my hubby woke me up. Our tour guide asked for everybody's identification card. He said he needs it so that the staff from the seaport could counter check it with the underground river tour permit  that we were able to acquire prior to going there. He also asked for an additional 40 pesos per pax as an environmental fee..I wonder why those kind of fee is not included on the tour package
We waited for another 30 minutes for our turn to ride the boat. It was our chance to take a look at the beautiful view. 
I can't take a proper picture while on the boat ride because the waves keeps on splashing everywhere. I don't really remember how long we traveled from the seaport of Sabang going to Saint Paul Mountain Range because the waves was distracting me too much.
You don't know how thankful I am when we reached the shore. Crazy, but when I'm traveling at sea it gives chill on my spine..aquaphobia yes! I think I have that somehow. 
There is a wooden pathway in the middle of this forest. It's soo amazingly green here believe me!
 The water is cold and look! Some fresh water fish is playing around. 
These are some pick pocket monkeys..be careful, they can grab anything and you won't be able to take it back
A view from the boat
 Cave entrance
 It's really dark inside the cave. My digital camera can't really take decent pictures. The tour inside the cave lasted for more than 30 minutes I believe. You'd be able to see amazing rock formation and bat poop!
What I don't like on this tour, is our guide was in too much haste. He's such a kill joy on camwhoring moments and he hides/stays away from the group if you to attempt to ask him to take a picture of you. I hope Maple Travel and Tours improves on the interactive skills of their tourist guides. 
After going back to Sabang port we went to a resort near the sea and ate our lunch. And when we got back to the city, hubby and I decided to take a nap before dinner time. 
....to be continued

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