Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 2: Dinner Time


After an exhausting day we were sooo dead hungry again. Since the baywalk is just a walking distance from the hotel, we decided to go there and see if there are any place where we can eat at. Luckily we have found JA Seafood Restaurant. Aside from being a restaurant its also an acoustic bar. 
We ate sizzling sisig, sinigang na hipon and garlic rice. This meal costs around 500-600 pesos. It was really satisfying and its worth every penny that we spent. If we were in Manila, we would be spending almost 1,000 pesos on a meal but its not satisfying unlike here at Palawan.  
There was actually a carnival near the baywalk. After eating at the restaurant, we went there and hubby played some games. It started to rain though, so we went back to the hotel immediately. Oh! before I forgot, I bought a cotton candy on our way back to the hotel.
We spent the night packing our things for our island hopping tour and the things that we need to bring back home. Our flight is at 5:40 p.m. so we still have a lot of time to go island hopping. Our check out time at the hotel will be at 12 n.n., and hotel staff will just bring out our things and leave it the lobby for us to pick-up. So we made sure that everything is in order before sleeping

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