Puerto Princesa Adventure Day 1: Butterfly Garden


After our bountiful lunch, we went to a butterfly garden. I've been to mini-field trips during grade school but I have never been to this kind of place. You need to pay 25 pesos per pax entrance fee. 
They only had 4 visitors at that time including me and hubby. We enjoyed the peaceful sight seeing of colorful butterflies. We had a hard time taking pictures coz they were constantly moving. Luckily some butterflies were resting   
My camera's battery went flat while we were here. It was just too bad. There were other interesting things that I saw at this garden like the butterfly pupa, worms and gecko. Well, lesson learned..always make sure that the camera's battery is fully charge if your in an outing.  

.....to be continued


Dawn said...

Wow! The butterflies' prints on their wings are so lovely. Too bad you weren't able to take more. I wish I could visit Puerto Princesa sometime soon!

eKai said...

Go! But you should chose a month with less tourist so you could enjoy every sight and experience :)

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